SMS or Text Alerts

What are SMS alerts?

These are text messages that you send via your mobile provider.

Why do I need to use SMS alerts?

If you prefer to use SMS alerts to keep your customers and team updated, vWork offers these.


Are there any alternatives to SMS Alerts?

Yes!  We provide a free Messaging feature which can replace your current SMS usage and save your business money.  This is one of our favourite features! 

Email Alerts

As an alternative to SMS alerts, you could also use Email alerts.  

Email alerts are included in the Professional and Enterprise plans, there is no extra charge for these.

How do I enable SMS alerts?

SMS alerts can be setup to send you the information you want for a job.

These can be located here. (This is also where you can setup email alerts)

Whether you want to know when a new job has been created - or a job has been completed - SMS alerts will keep you informed.


What do alerts cost with vWork?

SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts are not included in any plans and are charged based on volume. In most Countries SMS alerts cost 10 cents US per SMS.

To enable SMS alerts please email vWork Support to discuss expected usage and pricing.

Email alerts

Email alerts are included in the Business and Enterprise plans, there is no extra charge for these.


Please Note:

Standard SMS costs are 10c US per alert, this will be billed to your account at the end of each month. Some countries with limited telecommunication coverage may charge a little extra. We can look this up and let you know.

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