Changing the Displayed Job Labels

Can I Change what is Displayed on the Schedule and Phone ?

Yes, This is done in the job template. You can set what you want to show on the schedule and on the worker's phone.

Why should I show different information ?

We have tried to cater for everyone with our job labels but your business may have different priorities, you can customise the Job information to suit your needs.

An example would be sometimes workers might not need to know job numbers, but the custom notes are very important.

How do I customize my job labels ?

What is displayed on the label is set in the Job Template

Go to Settings > Templates  and either create a new template or edit an existing job template.

Scroll to the bottom of the template editor to Job Labels where you can customize the labels:

The Top layer is for the dispatcher, the bottom layer is for the mobile worker.

As you change your Job labels on the left, they will update on the live preview on the right as below.

Please Note: If you add a new custom field to your job template, you will need to save the template before this will be available to add to a job label.

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