How Do I use the Draft Status ?

What is the Draft Status ?

The draft status lets you create draft jobs and add them to the schedule , you can then organise and arrange them.
Then when you are happy to publish these draft jobs to the workers you can select the jobs in bulk and they will publish out to workers phones or tablets.


Why should I use the Draft Status ?

You should use the draft status, if you would like to schedule and create work, while not yet publishing this work out to your workers. 

How do I use the Draft Status ?

When you create a job, just select the draft option as below:

You can then drag this job on the schedule, it will appear light pink as below:

When you are ready to publish one or more draft jobs , you simply uncheck the draft status , or do this in bulk on the jobs tab as below:


Please Note: when using the draft status and the job assigned alert together. The Job assigned alert will trigger when the job goes to the worker (so on the un-draft action as opposed to when you assign a worker to a job in draft state).



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