Casual Workers

What are Casual Workers in vWork?

Some workers are used on a casual basis. vWork provides the ability to send simple jobs to these workers by SMS. They don't need to download and log in to the vWork mobile app to view a Job scheduled in vWork.

This is an optional feature in vWork. To enable this please email with your request. One of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Note: The Casual Worker feature does not work for email addresses that are already associated with a vWork account. If the worker has previously logged into the vWork app and is using the same email they cannot be set up as a casual worker.

How do I set up Casual Workers?

Once Casual Workers are enabled in your account, you need to finalize your vWork account settings and then add Casual Workers as Users in your account.

To finalize your account settings go to Settings>General and:

  1. Ensure you have enabled Accept and Decline Jobs.

  2.  Scroll down to the Customize Branding section and ensure you have added your branding. Your branding will show as a banner on the casual worker's phone once they have accepted the job.
    The article Can I Add my Logo to vWork? explains how to do this in detail.

To add a Casual Worker as a User:

  1. Go to Settings>Users>Users
  2. Under User Management select Add User
  3. Enter the Casual Worker's details in the Name, Email, and Phone fields. (Be sure to leave no spaces between numbers in the phone field.)
    Note: You will need to enter a password but this will not be required for them to access the job information. No other permissions need to be changed.
  4. Click Create


Once they are set up as a Casual Worker you can assign jobs to them as you would any other worker.
When a job is assigned they will get an SMS with all the job details. They can then accept or decline the job.  


The Casual Worker can view the job details, but they cannot complete steps or custom fields the same way a worker who uses the mobile vWork app can. The Dispatcher will need to complete steps on behalf of the mobile worker. Ensure that you have arranged with the Casual Worker a process for them to notify your Dispatcher when they have completed the job.

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